#TheReadingQuest | week 1 update

Can you believe we're through week one already?! It's been an amazing week of reading for me and I'm really happy with the progress I've made so far. Starting out my Rogue character first took on some side quests to boost that HP and XP before starting the main missions (just like I like to … Continue reading #TheReadingQuest | week 1 update


Wrap Up | June/Emojiathon

Hey readers! So this month I took part in a month long readathon called #EMOJIATHON Here are the emoji prompts that I managed to check off this month:                                     Just a reminder before I go on to give … Continue reading Wrap Up | June/Emojiathon

DiversityBingo2017 update

As you may remember I am participating in a year-long reading challenge called #DiversityBingo2017 - the aim is to read at least one book that fulfils the prompts on all 36 spaces on the bingo card. I thought I would do a mid year update on how far I've got as well as what books … Continue reading DiversityBingo2017 update