All the read-a-thons

I must be totally crazy because I've decided to take part in a further two read-a-thons on top of already doing #spookathon.  Tomorrow is Dewey's 24 hour readathon a one day reading sprint during which you read as much as possible and generally come together to talk books and reading, go nuts on social media and take … Continue reading All the read-a-thons


Autumn book tag!

The Autumn Reading Tag by Amy Jane Smith 1) Are there any books you plan on reading over the Autumn season? Well I am doing #spookathon so there will be some creepy spooky books for a week starting 17th Oct but besides that I am reading all the fantasy and adventure I can get my … Continue reading Autumn book tag!

T5W #2

As I mentioned before I have joined the wonderful Goodreads Group started by GingerReadsLainey – “Top 5 Wednesday”. Today is "Book theme songs" - songs that you associate with books you've read for whatever reason... so here we go! 'Sylvia Plath' by Ryan Adams The Bell Jar - obviously, but apart from the clear connection the lyrics … Continue reading T5W #2

T5W #1 – Buzz Words

So I have decided to join the wonderful Goodreads Group started by GingerReadsLainey - "Top 5 Wednesday". Coming in late to the game gives me advantage of having alternates for weeks that either aren't applicable to me or that I just cant think of examples for! So this week instead of "Books you were spoiled for" I … Continue reading T5W #1 – Buzz Words