Mini Reviews | Lillac Town series by M. Hollis

I first heard of the Lillac Town series by M. Hollis this year thanks to the #DiversityBingo2017 challenge. Looking everywhere for a book which shows pansexual rep in a main character, there were very few titles being tossed around in any recs threads I was looking at but The Melody of You and Me, book … Continue reading Mini Reviews | Lillac Town series by M. Hollis


Book Review #2

We Were Liars E. Lockhart (Hot Key Books) SCORE 5/5 MY THOUGHTS: This book though. WAH! So... It's a good few days since I actually finished this book but it has taken me this long to process just how PERFECT it was. THERE WILL BE SPOILERY CHAT AHEAD... you've been warned. This book is stunning, it's … Continue reading Book Review #2


All the Bright Places Jennifer Niven (Penguin UK) SCORE 5/5 MY THOUGHTS: I read this book over christmas and my family basically didn't get any conversation out of me because I was just buried in this book for a week. It was amazing.This book is a dual perspective story of two kids in high school. … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW #1