Review Policy

General info:

  • I am currently accepting sub-genres of Adult, Young-Adult, Middle-Grade and picture books for review.
  • I accept ebooks, print-ARCs and finished copies but will also consider requests for audiobook reviews depending on the genre and whether a physical copy would also be available.
  • I will accept self-published/indie press books only of YA/MG genres.
  • I will endevour to post reviews of 100% of books sent depending on demand, and will look to post reviews close to date of publish unless previously agreed otherwise.
  • I will write fair an honest reviews which will ususally be condensed and copied over to my goodreads page also.


  • Adult: literary fiction, thriller/mystery
  • Young-Adult: fantasy/adventure, paranormal, retellings, dystopian, historical fiction/time-travel and contemporary (mainly under LGBTQIA, mental health, disability or cultural diversity themes)
  • Middle-Grade: Fantasy/Adventure
  • Picture books: ages 3/4+


  • for all review requests please send an email to athousandlivesandthoughts(at)mail(dot)com