I’m back!

Hey reading buddies, It's been a long time I know. I've had a lot going on personally in the last 6 months and so I had to take a bit of a step back from my online life and focus on me and my family. I am back now though and really excited to get … Continue reading I’m back!


Life Update!

Hey Readers, I thought seeing as I haven’t been updating in about a months I’d start off coming back with a little life update and things to look forward to! I’ve been absent for a while on and off because I’ve been struggling with some health issues. In March of this year after a two-week … Continue reading Life Update!

Where I’ve Been… (a non-bookish update)

Hey lovely people, So after an enthusiastic start to my blog you may have noticed that I disappeared for a few months, and that really sucked! The honest truth is that I've been really ill for the past few months 😦 Since I was a nerdy pre-teen I've always been sickly and constantly tired, but … Continue reading Where I’ve Been… (a non-bookish update)