#TheReadingQuest | Week 2 update

It was an epic week of silent assassinations and stealthy missions to complete the quests on the path of the rogue, and, at the end of week 2 my Rogue Malorie (yes I named HER) recruited a young Mage called Ruby to join the team of bad ass female heroes. This week really was epic … Continue reading #TheReadingQuest | Week 2 update


#TheReadingQuest | week 1 update

Can you believe we're through week one already?! It's been an amazing week of reading for me and I'm really happy with the progress I've made so far. Starting out my Rogue character first took on some side quests to boost that HP and XP before starting the main missions (just like I like to … Continue reading #TheReadingQuest | week 1 update

#TheReadingQuest TBR & Recommendations

Aentee over at Read At Midnight has done it again. She has made another AMAZING read-a-thon reading challenge and I can't wait to jump into it. This time round the read-a-thon is themed around an RPG video game in which you choose your characters class and work through reading prompts to increase your XP and HP. … Continue reading #TheReadingQuest TBR & Recommendations