Book chat | new rating system

So i’ve never been a big fan of either trusting or using the 5 star rating system when it comes to reviewing books either on this blog or on Goodreads. Just like many in the book community have said lately I believe that it is a bit pointless seeing as everyone has a different method of deciding what makes a book 1 – 5 stars.

I’ve decided to harp back to the days of British Saturday morning TV of the late 90s and use a ‘hit’, ‘miss’ or ‘maybe’ label on the books i have read… and it will be as simple as it sounds.

HIT = a definite yes i liked/loved it

MISS = a definite no i didn’t enjoy it

MAYBE = i’m on the fence as it didn’t sway me to either gut reaction

Look out for this on future reviews/wrap ups!


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