Readathon News | DiverseAThon 2.0


Hey guys, sorry this is coming to you a little late, BUT better late than never!!

The second round of DiverseAThon has just begun and here’s a quick round up of all the details so you can join in.


When: 22nd-29th January 2017

Who: anyone at all

Why: Diverseathon started in September last year as a response to a member of the booktube community making a video about how she thought diversity in literature was not needed and basically should not be supported.

Where: the @DiverseAThon twitter page and the hashtag #DiverseAThon on twitter and instagram.

This time round just like last year there are no read-a-thon challenges just the guidelines to read diversely, research your tbr carefully and if possible read #ownvoices literature. There is however a group book called The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead which is not mandatory, purely a suggestion.

There is some #bookstagram challenges and twitter discussions which i will post information for below.




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