Book Review | History Is All You Left Me

For the #DAreadathon I decided to pick up a book which I had been sent an eARC for, History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera.
The book is about the lives of 3 young men after the death of their friend Theo in a drowning accident. Griffin is our main character and narrator, he was one of Theo’s best friends and his ex boyfriend. He’s coming to terms with Theo’s death all the while struggling with OCD and the leftover feelings of still being in love with Theo. The story flips backward and forward between Griff’s past and present, his time before the day Theo died and the time since. We see the world through his grieving eyes as he talks to Theo daily, trying to pick up the pieces of his broken heart and confront his secrets he has, until now, kept in the past.

The other two main characters are Jackson and Wade. Wade was Theo’s first and only best friend before they met Griffin and made themselves a trio, and we see him go from third friend, to third wheel, to mediator between Theo and Griff in the past, we don’t see slot of Wade in Griffin’s present day but the reasons behind that are revealed later in the book. Jackson was Theo’s boyfriend at the time he died, and he finds himself on the outside looking in as he experiences how and where his boyfriend grew up while visiting for the funeral.

I found this book to be completely captivating. Having read Adam Silvera’s debut (More Happy Than Not) I knew how well he could craft an emotion driven story with enough both laugh-out-loud and page-turning moments to keep you drawn in til the end. This story comes with its emotion warnings on the cover plain to see, the blurb tells us that we will be grieving from the start with Griffin who is still in love with the friend and ex boyfriend he just lost AND hints at his mental health troubles too but that does stop the emotion in the book really slamming you right in the feels anyway.

I loved the character development in the book, each character had a story arc so beautifully detailed and drawn out that you could swear you grew up with them yourself. I loved how Theo, Wade and Griffin are all so different but fit together so well in the way that only best friends can. Then Jackson being the odd one out but ultimately the missing piece to Griffin’s puzzle of how he can reconcile the past he is ashamed of with the future he’s trying to reach.


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