Book review | Gender Failure

This book has been on my TBR for some time and when I came across it on Scribd I decided to pick it up for then#DAreadathon.

Gender Failure by Rae Spoon and Ivan E. Coyote is a non fiction book about both authors experience growing up and living outside of the gender norms set by society.
Told in alternating chapters between Spoon and Coyote’s writing this book delves into all aspects of not fitting into the gender binary. It covers issues such as using public bathrooms, sleepovers growing up, surgery and pronouns and many more, using personal essays, song lyrics and illustrations to paint the picture of two lives ever nonconforming. Throughout reading this book you can sense many strong emotions of both authors and even as a non-fiction work you can see the growth and transformation of them both as they tell their tales from childhood to present day. 

I found this book to be incredibly moving and enlightening, both Rae Spoon and Ivan E. Coyote wrote extremely eloquently and with much persuasion not to immediately agree with all their views and feelings but to open your mind and heart to those who do not fit into their own bodies and often the societies they find themselves in. I would urge anyone and everyone to read this book but especially if you do not know or know of anyone non-binary yourself, as it is a great way in to understanding and sympathising with an often hidden community of people.

Being part of the LGBTQIA+ community myself, I am always pushing forward to educate myself and spread awareness of, the lives of the rest of the community no matter which bracket they belong in (or exist outside of!) and books like this are a delight to come across on that journey.


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