Book Chat | How To Be A Book-Lover on a Budget

Hello fellow readers!

Today I want to talk about (one of) the elephant in the room when it comes to the book community and that is HOW THE HELL DO I AFFORD TO BE A BOOKISH PERSON??!

In the book community we seem to always be surrounded by bookish people with an endless supply and collection of books. We see booktubers with shelves upon shelves displaying their collection, we read reviews and other posts from book bloggers who seem to be constantly talking about ALL THE NEW BOOKS EVER and it is hard when you’re on a budget for whatever reason. For me I’m on a budget because I have a family and I simply don’t have the means or the clear conscience to buy a ton of new books every month when there are bills to pay and a wonderful little guy to bring up.

I know I’m not the only one to feel like this so I thought I’d put together my top 4 tips on how to keep reading even when there’s little money to spend on books. I hope you find it useful 🙂

(ps. I am not sponsored by anyone or anything I suggest you use ((weep)) I just want to let you know about them.)

    This first point may be blindingly obvious but I saw a shocking poll once on twitter that showed that an absurdly large portion of the book community didn’t regularly use the library… and it’s something I just don’t understand. The library is free, and provides you free access to tons of old and new books – physical, ebook and audiobook, it usually has a free service to request specific books you are wanting to read and some libraries even offer a delivery service or ‘library truck’ service if you live in a more remote area… also did I mention ITS FREE! I’m a huge advocate of using and supporting your local library services and I will always encourage others to do so. My own local libraries are totally not the greatest, they lack wide diversity in books and have a small collection BUT they are always open to suggestions and recommendations from their service users.
    Ebooks are not the devil in disguise coming to rid the world of physical books, I PROMISE! It admittedly took me a while to come round to ebooks myself but now I don’t go a month without reading at least one. I know a lot of people shrug off the ebook options because “BUT…! I NEED A PRETTY BOOK COLLECTION” and listen, I get that, books are so pretty!** However ebooks can be a really low cost option for getting your hands on the books you really want to read and also finding new books that you ordinarily would not have found before. My money saving tips for ebook purchases are as follows:
    – give yourself options: sign up to a couple of different ereader services (e.g. kindle, kobo, scribd and google books) I do this because different platforms will offer different discounts and savings at different times. While kindle might charge £9.99 for your desired book, kobo might have it at £6.99 and maybe even be having a 25% off sale! As well as this most services I mentioned have a free ebooks section.
    – use services like BookBub: now this really is something EVERYONE should be signed up to. It’s a free service that send you tailored information about free and discounted ebooks EVERY DAY. When you sign up you select the genres you like to read and you will receive a daily email letting you know the best deals on these ebook genres in your country/area. There have been well known books on here for free before, (another service primarily in the States is
    Even if it means you have to wait an extra few months to read a new release the cheaper option to building a physical book library is always the paperback. In most cases (where I am from or that I have heard of) paperbacks are usually half the price of their hardback pals. That’s either a couple of ££ savings OR two paperbacks for the price of one hardback… *dollar sign eyes*.
    This is my favourite method for saving money on books. My secret is that I set myself TWO-THREE times a year that I allow myself to buy brand shiny new physical books (for me its my birthday, christmas and occasionally summer sales) this is because these occasions are when I am likely to be gifted money or gift vouchers as presents. Any other time of the year (and pretty much every month) I exclusively buy second hand books. I go to used book stores, charity shops, car boot sales, etc. and I both look for specific titles or just have a browse and see what is there, I limit myself so I don’t buy for the sake of buying AND (just in case I do get a bit silly in my local charity shop that sells 5 books for £0.99!!!) i regularly unhaul books I know I’m not getting to and donate them back to these shops to help out and give back.

So there you have it, my top 4 tips on how to be a book lover on a budget, maybe they’ll help you… maybe you’ll think I’m crazy! Either way I offer tried and tested methods of not letting books get you in debt lol.

** real talk – books are hella pretty 1000% and sometimes when I find myself adding more ebooks than physical books to my collection I get a little sad that there is nothing to wistfully stare at while I think about how much I love all my book babies BUT I put that sad sappy energy into something creative! What I mean is I try and make something physical to put on my shelf to represent my ebook library. This could be a scrap book where I draw or print/stick the cover of each of my ebooks into so I can physically flip through my options, or a poster I can stick on my wall that lists my ebooks for all the world to see. Get crazy. Get creative.


3 thoughts on “Book Chat | How To Be A Book-Lover on a Budget

  1. Wonderful post! I use the library all the time. I don’t get why more people don’t. The way I see it, I can read things from the library and get physical books/e-books/audiobooks for free, and then if I REALLY love something, I can add it to my buy list for when I do have a little extra cash. I’d also add that I limit myself buying books to my current Book of the Month subscription (which I may or may not keep), which is a pretty decent discount on hard cover books. I do all of the things mentioned in your post though, and have very few regrets! 🙂

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  2. Great post! Love the tips and agree with all of them. I definitely should utilize my library more than what I do, but I prefer my ebooks. Plus my library doesn’t have much of a selection when it comes to books that interest me. Hopefully that’ll change once they get the brand new library up and running!

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