2017 goals


Well the new year is most definitely upon us and so it is time to let everyone know my goals for the year (and in doing so keep myself accountable!!).

This year I have set myself a GR goal of 75 books.
I would like to try and read at least 5 books a month and of these I would like to try and get to these certain options –
1 book I already own off my physical TBR
1 book I already own off my e-reader TBR
1 book diverse fiction
1 book adult fiction
1 book of non-fiction, middle grade or classic
As you can see I’m really trying to broaden my reading, rather than limiting myself to all YA books, AND a big focus for me is to read the books I already own.
Last year I focused a lot on what genre I was reading, trying to move away from my ‘ususal’ choices and I definitely succeeded as a large majority of the books I read were scifi/fantasy which was a genre I got really into… so I’m hoping I’m equally as successful this year at trying to read more diversely and of varied intended audiences.
I’ll be participating in many read-a-thon’s throughout the year but two year long challenges I am doing are #DiversityBingo2017 and the PopSugar Reading Challenge – check them both out, they are both a lot of fun.

I am aiming to upload at least every Monday, Wednesday and Friday once the hubbub of new year posts has died down.
On Monday’s I am going to share some of my writing/posts about writing.
On Wednesday’s I am going to do book tags/booksih chats.
On Friday’s I am going to do a review post.
(I will be doing a monthly post of my reading wrap-up but just as a list as I will be trying to review 4 books a month separately to a wrap-up.)



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