Wrap Up | DiverseAThon 2.0

This time round DiverseAThon ran from January 22 - 29 and just like last time it was a truly enriching experience. I took 2 main things out of this year's DiverseAThon experience: 1. Community - just like last time I have come away with an overwhelming sense of community from my fellow DiverseAThoners and from … Continue reading Wrap Up | DiverseAThon 2.0


Book Review | As I Descended

I picked this book up for #DiverseAThon 2.0. Robin Talley's 3rd book 'As I Descended' is a dark and exciting retelling of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Set in an elite private American boarding school Acheron Academy, the story tales us through the story of our protagonist Maria Lyon's doomed rise to the top of school status. After … Continue reading Book Review | As I Descended