Readathon Reminders!

Prompted by a twitter question by my buddy Megan @bookslayerReads I thought I’d maybe make this a regular slot on my blog for anyone who is as Read-A-Thon crazy as I am 🙂

Keep an eye on out on my twitter and instagram to see my TBRs!

We have a couple coming up in the next few weeks:

Runs from Friday 18th November 11:59pm – Thursday 1st December 11:59pm
Hosted by Sam over at Thoughts On Tomes on YT.
The purpose of the read-a-thon is to read tomes aka BIG BOOKS!
This counts as a single work over 500pages of any genre
optional challenges:
read more than one tome
read a graphic novel (bind ups included)
read a tome that is part of a series
buddy read a tome
read an adult novel

Runs from Friday November 18th – Sunday November 20th
Hosted by @brunettebiblio, @theowlerybooks, @BooKss101M and @Theglitterynerd on twitter
The 5th round of a fun read-a-thon to help you get on top of that Goodreads Goal!
optional challenges:
read a book with fall colours on the cover
read a book by more than one author
read a book under 300pages

Runs from Monday 5th December – Friday 9th December
Hosted by TheBookishBabbler, TinyBookDragon, ACupOfWonderland and BookaflixTaylor all on YouTube
As the title suggests its a holiday themed read-a-thon to get us all in the festive spirit!
optional challenges:
read a book that takes place during the holidays
read a book with christmas colours on the cover (ie. green, red, gold, silver)
read a book just because you want to



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