Life Update!


Hey Readers,

I thought seeing as I haven’t been updating in about a months I’d start off coming back with a little life update and things to look forward to!

I’ve been absent for a while on and off because I’ve been struggling with some health issues. In March of this year after a two-week period of being really poorly I started showing signs of extreme tiredness, migraines and very disturbed sleep. About 2-3 months later my GP diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and it’s been getting fairly steadily worse since. Its really knocked me on my ass since the summer and this has had a knock-on effect to my already underlying mental health stuff and so I’ve just all round been feeling very under the weather. Although my health hasn’t really picked up too much I am feeling a bit more determined than usual to get my teeth stuck in to some blogging again, so here I am!

Now on to the good stuff… what I have planned for you over the next few months 🙂

  •  I’m planning a kind of how-to and review piece about how I’ve recently started using NetGalley.
  • I will be both announcing and launching my new online project this month – ‘We Are Own Voices’ will be an inclusive safe space for ‘own-voice’ amateur writers to show case their work and celebrate books and authors who are already established under the ‘own-voice’ banner.
  • Coming up very soon is #SpookAThon! A week of spooky reading challenges and tasks that I plan to participate in and of course wrap up after.
  • LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST BECAUSE IM SO FRICKKIN EXCITED… #NaNoWriMo16. Firstly yes I know, I tried CampNaNo and failed majestically buuuuutttt I have majorly planned and prepped this time round going as fair as pretty much mapping out what I’ll be writing each day so hopefully I can win big!

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