Op#ReadThemAllThon wrap up


Well on sunday just passed our glorious pokemon themed readathon ended *sad face*.

I started out well, enthusiastic, getting through books quickly, a very well thought out and organised TBR… but then about half way through I hit a bit of a personal brick wall and all that swiftly flew, no jumped, out the window! for most of the middle week I struggled to do much let alone follow my wonderfully structured reading plan. However, I managed to get myself back on track after a bit of a TBR jumble and the stroduction of a particularly ASS-KICKING graphic novel series 🙂

So first here is where my wee Drowzee Bear ended up:
Happily evolved into a Hypo and with a CP of  551 Yay! Go dream team.

Now the bit your likely more interested in! My wrap up and reviews of the books I read from 14th Aug – 4th Sept (im not going to go into much more than a couple sentences depth as a lot of these featured in my aug wrap up, so pop back a post to check out any other thoughts and the goodreads links for each!):

  1. Boulder Badge (1st book in a series)
    The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

    4/5 stars

    This book was a great read for me, I have not read a lot of fantasy-esque books in my 20odd years of reading… well not YA/Adult fantasy anyway and this I feel was a perfect way to begin delving into the genre. As I saw someone else point out on Goodreads (Raeleen from PadfootandProngs YT if my memory serves me well) this is more like historical fiction without any actual accurate footing in history and by that meaning there is no true ‘fantastical’ elements like magic or otherworldly beasts etc. This book is more political than anything else, telling a tale from a time where two tribes are back at war with each other after years of living with one ruling the kingdom and the other serving the rulers. I really enjoyed all elements of this book and can’t wait to read more of the series.

  2. Cascade Badge (a book to make you cry)
    A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

    5/5 stars

    Not this book was initially chosen as the book for the ‘paranormal’ themed read, but, after reading a couple of non spoiler reviews and then getting into the first chapter I soon realised that this story was more of inner demons than ghosts and gouls and I quickly changed the assignment to that of the emotional read… and boy was I right! I was a wreck of tears at the end, the emotion in this small story built throughout and as I was reading the illustrated version the gorgeous art added tremendously to the experience.

  3. Thunder Badge (a book with thunderous hype)
    The Book Thief by Markus Zuzak

    4/5 stars

    Again, originally I had chosen a different book for this category – City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare. However The Book theif was a book I was starting arounf the same time as the read-a-thon as a mass buddy read organised on BooksAmino. This book naturally falls into a category about books with huge reputation and so I quickly reassigned the badge. The Book Theif was magical. Although it took some time into the story for me to really feel grabbed by plot alone, the language and imagery used in the writing had me gripped from the start. It is so beautifully written and presented and the characters, through the language used, really come alive from the start.

  4. Rainbow Badge (a book with diversity)
    The Art Of Being Normal by Lisa Willamson

    4/5 stars

    This book was a wonderful representation of diversity. It is about two teenagers with two very separate lives who end up becoming close as friends in school realising that they really aren’t that different. One of them is a transgirl coming to grips with her life and how she wants to live it more honestly to who she really is, and the character, I think, is written very well. And Leo, the other MC has secrets and fears of his own who is on a personal mission to find his father. The diversity doesnt end with the MCs, the whole cast of side characters shows diversity in so many different ways, each with their own very individual characteristics, like, dislikes, hopes and fears all allow for a beautifully rainbow cast.

  5. Soul Badge (a book with great romance)
    Northanger Abbey retold by Nancy Butler

    4/5 stars

    I knew for this badge I wanted to read (or reread) a classic, but I wanted to try a new format or retelling of a story I was already familiar with so I chose the grpahic novel version of this Austen classic. The story was obviously no different to the original, however the addition of the graphics really added a quality that is often hard to see in Austens original text unless you know the older style language wel, and that is of course her wit and sarcasm when commenting on the society she grew up in. The visible eye-rolls, smirks and evil stares paried with the original language was perfect and I truly loved reading this edition. I will definately be looking out for more in this style.

  6. Marsh Badge (a book with supernatural/paranormal/fantasy elements)
    LumberJanes Vol 1+2 by Noelle Stevenson

    5/5 stars

    THIS WAS AMAZING! I could really gush for hours about how much I love this world and the characters, but I wont. Instead I’ll just say if you love diverse female characters commenting on feminism and queer culture while fighting off monsters in a summer camp setting then bloody read this fucking great series.

  7. Volcano Badge (a book with a red cover)
    Red Rising by Pierce Brown

    -/5 stars

    I didnt get to this one 😦 boooo.

  8. Earth Badge (a book with postapocalyptic setting)
    Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

    ?/5 stars

    Guys! This book! I couldn’t do it. I really wanted to absolutely love this book but I just couldn’t engage. I got to about 80 pages maybe and felt I was just forcing myself which we all know ends in a one-way ticket to slumpsville.
    It is not a DNF forever, im wanting to try and get to it another time to give it a second chance.


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