Wrap Up #3 – August


Hey amigos! This is just my brief thoughts on my August reads, I’ll link the goodreads page for each book and if anyone wants to hear more in depth thoughts on any of these books please leave a comment and I’ll get to it ASAP! I will be doing another wrap up after the 4th Sept for the #ReadThemAllThon also 🙂

So August was a tough month for me, I’ve been pretty ill and under the weather and struggled a bit reading wise, chopping and changing between books alot and DNFing things if I wasn’t feeling it. But, because of #ReadThemAllThon my wrap up is still a good size.

In August I read 9 books in total:

  • 3 graphic novels
  • 2 fantasy
  • 2 paranormal
  • 1 historical fiction
  • 1 contemporary

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness
This was an excellent way to start of my August reading. I really enjoyed this quick and entertaining book that was laced throughout with really hard hitting truths and plot-lines.
The story is told from Mikey’s POV, a kid in high school who despite the ongoing supernatural/paranormal threats that plague his city just wants to get on with life trying desperately to manage his OCD in the face of graduating high school and being separated from his group of friends.  I really loved the tongue-in-cheek side plot of The Indie Kids and their perils and it was a perfect contrast to the lives of Mikey and his friends.
The characters in this book were beautifully fleshed out and developed throughout the story, I found myself really invested in them and sad to leave their world behind at the end of the book. If it had of been longer it could have been a 5 star!


The Cursed Child by Jack Thorne and John Tiffany
Ummm, so, the controversial topic of “The 8th Harry Potter Book”. Ha! First thing I need to say is that I do not consider this to be in the same series as our original beloved Harry Potter books. Not because I didn’t enjoy it or because I am some crazy HP elitist! But just because, it isn’t. Its a script of a stage-play rewritten by stage-writers based on an original story written by JKR herself. I see it more of a side mission to the main endgoal, or a creative love letter written to JKR from adoring theatre fans… or something like that. I’m not going to go very in depth unless someone wants me to i’ll just sum up my overall thoughts…
Pros: Being back in the wizarding world.
Seeing a new generation of Hogwarts kids get into their own trouble
Slytherin pride!
Cons: Original characters written very differently than we are used to.
It felt like fanfiction albeit decent fanfiction, just some of the plot holes, the jumps
in storyline, some of the language and characteristics etc.
Alpius… for real though, Alpius… How could ANYONE writing this play, or
proofreading it, or revising edits of it OR JUST GLANCING IN ITS GENERAL
DIRECTION not realise that these boys are in love with each other? Either that or
they did and didn’t have the balls to admit it, throwing in a line about Scorpius
crushing on Rose after a whole play of him and Albus declaring their love for each
other and risking their lives for each other and even listening to other people telling
them they belonged together (in a platonic bromance kind of way *eyeroll*).


Tape by Steven Camden
This book was a big disappointment. I hadn’t heard about it before but found it in the library while browsing the YA section. The cover grabbed my attention initially, having a big love of the 80s/90s the cassette tape made me smile and pick up the book. Then reading the synopsis I thought that the premise and idea behind the book sounded exciting and interesting; boy in the 90s records an audio diary on cassette tape then girl in 2013 finds the tapes and listens to them, connecting with the boy through his voice. Well, it was not carried out well. At all. I found the characters flat and the story slow and just a bit boring 😦


Blankets by Craig Thompson
Blankets is about the life of the artist Craig Thompson growing up in a very Christian family in Wisconsin and the importance of choice as you grow up in that environment.
It is also a story of first love and how it changes your life and how you see the world around you. I found the story incredibly relatable and it was told in such a honest and meaningful way. Each interaction in the art, the anticipation of attraction, the awkward exchanges, the friendly banter or family arguments was as if I was reading a documentation of my own youthful triumphs and shortfalls.
I highly recommend this graphic novel to anyone!


Northanger Abbey graphic novel by Nancy Butler
As expected I really enjoyed this book. I’ve read the original work and found the new format of graphic novel a real enhancement in a lot of ways. The art style was perfect for the story and really showed Austen’s wit and sarcasm that shines especially bright in this novel.


A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
This illustrated novel was absolutely beautiful. It tells the story of Conor, a teenage boy plagued by monsters. They are in his head, in his nightmares and then suddenly appear in his back garden. We follow his story over a short enough span of time but there is no doubt as to whether you will get invested in caring about his life. This book had me crying a few times despite it only being a little over 200 pages long and the art in the book is just as beautiful and heartbreaking as the story itself.


The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski
This book was a fairly big step out of my comfort zone, but one I happy to have taken. This book is the first in a YA fantasy trilogy steeped in politics, forbidden love and war torn intrigue. The main characters Kestrel and Arin, are a two people on the constant verge of both love and hate and I found myself on the edge of my seat following their stories. As I had not read many political fantasies before I was worried that it would be complex, with detailed world building and a lot of mundane info dumping but I was surprised and relieved that the book flowed easily and I was quickly able to pick up the essential information given throughout.


LumberJanes vol1 by Noelle Stevenson
This graphic novel  series is so much fun! As with most graphic novels, i had heard a lot about it on booktube but hadn’t read it as graphic novels are so expensive to buy and my local libraries are useless for them. However I recently subscribed to Scribd and they have them all up to date! Huzzah! Now the art style of this series grabbed me instantly, it is so fun and relatable and flows perfectly through each single edition. However if the art style wasn’t enough to capture me the premise certainly would have… SQUAD OF QUEER/FEMINIST GIRLS FIGHT MONSTERS AT SUMMER CAMP!!! Hell Yeah. And fuck yeah it didn’t disappoint.



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