Week One: Day One


Hey lovely reader friends 🙂

So its Week 1: Day 1 of #ReadThemAllThon and im so very excited.
I have started my book for the ‘Boulder Badge’ (first in a series), last minute I changed my mind from “The Selection” to “The Winner’s Curse” as I realised I had TWC available from the library so thought I’d better use that as I own TS so can read it any time…

I thought today i’d calculate my estimated finishing CP and get an idea of how many pages I need to read a day so I can keep a tab on whether I’m behind/ahead of schedule.

I found an excellent spreadsheet that one of the readathoners created to track your CP so if you are a total nerd like me go chck it out @windie_go on twitter 🙂

Boulder Badge: The Winner’s Curse: 355 pages
Cascade Badge: All The Light We Cannot See: 530 pages
Thunder Badge: City of Ashes: 411 pages
Rainbow Badge: The Art of Being Normal: 353 pages
Soul Badge: Northanger Abbey (graphic novel): 102 pages
Marsh Badge: A Monster Calls (illlustrated): 215 pages
Flame Badge: Red Rising: 382 pages
Earth Badge: Illuminae: 599 pages

Total Pages: 2947 pages.
So I should be averaging about 141 pages a day which i reckon is more than achievable so hopefully I can complete all in the first 2 weeks and then add on some extra books for bonus points!

Drowzee will start with 10CP
after reading all the books Drowzee will be at 466CP
after reviewing each book Drowzee will be at 626CP
Drowzee will evolve at 150CP so then will be at 676CP
I will also get +2CP for each tweet with #ReadThemAllThon and any with a picture of a book and a pokemon will get +5CP.
My goal will be to break 800CP 🙂




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