Wrap Up #2 – JULY



This is just my brief thoughts on my July reads, I’ll link the goodreads page for each book and if anyone wants to hear more in depth thoughts on any of these books please leave a comment and I’ll get to it ASAP!

In July I read 8 books in total:

  • 3 YA Contemporary
  • 1 Adult Thriller
  • 3 Graphic Novels
  • 1 Adult Post-Apocalyptic

The Graveyard Book Parts 1&2 by Neil Gaiman
I loved these graphic novels so much. The story was so magical and intriguing, it had me laughing, gasping with shock and even shedding a tear or two. The art was beautiful and enhanced the story 100%.

Station Eleven by Emily St John Mendel
At first I found this book very difficult to get into and understand. I was enjoying reading the individual story lines but didn’t find it easy jumping from one to another or following their links. Then I started to listen to the audiobook and it all fell into place for me. The story was very moving and really spoke of companionship and family.

The House That Groaned by Karrie Fransman
This was a graphic novel I hadn’t heard of before but found it at my local library and decided to give it a go. Its a story of one house of flats and their occupants. I liked to concept of this book and the art style was very different, a sketch style in all blue tones which really popped off the page. However I just couldnt connect to the story and although I finished it in one sitting it was nothing memorable.

I’ll Give You The Sun By Jandy Nelson
Even now, into the first week of August I still have no words when I think about this book. It was entirely beautiful. The story itself was perfect… a tale of twin brother and sister Noah and Jude, who fall apart and make some life changing decisions in moments of desperation and solitude. Then the story is set against the theme of art and expression of emotion through art, the language and imagery used draws you into the story so deeply that you feel everything the characters do.

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins
This book is obviously very hyped and popular, especially after the success of Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl’. I hadn’t read many thrillers before and so I was a little apprehensive when starting the book and also went into it not knowing anymore of the plot than what was written on the dust jacket. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this book, I was gripped from the start and although I was trying to guess the twists and turns, for the most part I was still shocked each time a new piece of information was revealed. The characterisation was also fantastic, Paula Hawkins was able to show the most ugly, horrifying and realistic side of humans I’ve ever read.

A Kiss In The Dark by Cat Clarke
This is the first Cat Clarke book I’ve read but have heard about them for about a year now. I really loved the fact this was a UKYA book and I enjoyed the premise, albeit kind of unbelievable. It was a good story of morality and the impact of our sense of self and identidy on our relationships with other people.



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