Book Tag #1


I thought I would start doing some book tags on my blog every now and then so I can share with you more of what I read and other bookish facts. So here is the first one, an ideal starting point I think…

The Your Life in Books Tag

  1. Find a book for each of your initials:
    S – Superpowers by David J Schwartz
    I read this book a good few years ago now but its one that I’m always drawn to pick up again sometime. It is a book about 5 college kids who party too hard, and one morning wake up with a hangover… AND SUPERPOWERS! (Who spiked that punch eh?)
    At first this book is a fairly textbook superhero story, kid(s) get powers, doesn’t know what to do with powers, has some fun finding out etc… But on top of that ‘supernatural’ premise, Schwartz adds a dimension of reality. These are just regular kids, going about their regular college lives, dealing with the normal struggles of life – financial issues, family ruined by illness, relationship issues, as well as envy, lust and a bit of anger too. I particularly enjoyed the spin on the normal superhero story and found it to be a quick but surprisingly deep in places.
    E – Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
    This book was my introduction to Rainbow Rowell’s works. Being set in the late 80s gave it a particular charm for me as I love the pop culture and social references from late 80s – 90s. Eleanor and Park is about finding that one little speck of glitter in your otherwise dark and gloomy world. Both Eleanor and Park are unique and individual which most people in their school see as a bad and bullying worthy trait… however they see in each other that their individuality is what makes them special. They fall in love on a school bus and their relationship soon grows from that nervous moment when your skin first touches theirs to a love that blows most ‘epic romances’ out of the water. Read this if you need reminding that their is still hope for love in this world… and if you love nerding out over the fact that he makes her MIXEDTAPES!!!
    P – Panic by Lauren Oliver
    I really liked this book. (which seems to be the unpopular opinion through a vast majority of the book community.) Not because I could particularly empathize with the characters or because it was so deep and honest it changed my life but because it was exciting, suspenseful, fun and Lauren Oliver told the story in such a way that you felt sick with nerves just reading about what was happening to the characters. This book is about one effing crazy (and sometimes illegal) summer activity that the kids of the graduating year of High School take part in every year to win a massive prize pot of money. It involves dangerous challenges and ruthless competition and the characters that we read about each have their own motivation and goals to play for.
  2. Count your age along your bookshelves… Which book is it?
    I’m 28 and the 28th  book is…
    The Diving Bell and The Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby.
    Great book and great movie 🙂
  3. Pick a book that is your favorite colour.
    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince… fun fact, this is my 2nd favourite HP book.
  4. Which book do you have the fondest memory for?
    This is a really tough one! Books of my childhood are the first ones coming to mind, I read so much when I was a kid (I even pulled a sicky from school one day when I was young just so I could keep reading my current book!) I was always at the library getting more and more books and usually read above my age group because I found those stories more interesting and enjoyable. Here’s the top 3 that pop to mind…
    Iggies House by Judy Blume
    The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton
    Bad Girls by Jacqueline Wilson.
  5. Which book have you had the most difficulty reading?
    This one actually had me stumped trying to recall something I struggled with but then I remembered a book I was reading for my University degree… The Trial by Franz Kafka. I think I found it hard to recall a book because I have definitely am one to just DNF books I don’t get into but being a University text I had to struggle through. For me having to read this book and pick it apart for dramatic interpretation was just too much hard work, it was cryptic and given it has many interpretations, I found myself getting lost very easily. I don’t have anything against books surrounding the social topics Kafka writes about or even books written from this time period where they are particularly wordy and existential, so i’m hoping that it was just due to the pressure of reading it for study.
  6. Which book on your TBR shelf will give you the greatest sense of accomplishment when you finish it?
    I’m going to cheat a little and go with a series/collection – and that is everything under ‘The Shadow Hunters’ by Cassandra Clare. So early last year I think it was, I read the first book in the Mortal Instruments series; City of Bones and much like the majority I was enthralled from the start, I couldn’t put it down and really enjoyed the crafting of the story and characters in this paranormal sub world we read about. However, I will have to reread C.O.B to refresh my memory and because there is SOOOO MANY books now in this collection (The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices and now The Dark Artifices) I feel so intimidated to keep going. Its like when you get out of the way of watching a good TV show and then when you fancy starting it again you realise there is now like 10 seasons and a whole lot of hype behind it. Eeeeek.



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