Where I’ve Been… (a non-bookish update)


Hey lovely people,

So after an enthusiastic start to my blog you may have noticed that I disappeared for a few months, and that really sucked!
The honest truth is that I’ve been really ill for the past few months 😦
Since I was a nerdy pre-teen I’ve always been sickly and constantly tired, but about 6 months to 1 year ago I’ve been experiencing extreme dizzy spells, fainting episodes, extreme exhaustion and generalised pain throughout my body, it got progressively worse and led to being diagnosed last month with severe fibromyalgia and vasovagal syncope. I’m not going to go into details but basically I’m just exhausted all the time, too sore to do much and when I do try to get out and about if I over-exert myself I can trigger an episode of vertigo or cause myself to faint.
It’s been a lot of life changes and a lot to get used to like not working anymore and having to rely a lot more on family and friends but I am trying to stay positive and see th hidden blessings, one of which is I have A LOT more time to read and blog now 🙂

With that, I’m off to write some blog posts to put up over the next few days.

See you soon and see you often friends!!

Susie P xx


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