T5W #2

top5wedAs I mentioned before I have joined the wonderful Goodreads Group started by GingerReadsLainey – “Top 5 Wednesday”.

Today is “Book theme songs” – songs that you associate with books you’ve read for whatever reason… so here we go!

‘Sylvia Plath’ by Ryan Adams
The Bell Jar – obviously, but apart from the clear connection the lyrics just echo some of the moods and themes I recognized in the book and the tune is perfect also.

“With rain falling fast on the sea
While she was swimming away, she’d be winking at me
Telling me it would all be okay
Out on the horizon and fading away”

‘For Blue Skies’ by Strays Don’t Sleep
All the bright places – this song is deep, just like the book… and just like the book it has a quiet voice throughout that speaks of longing and confusion and deep deep love. I feel like this song is Violet alone and detatched from all else, speaking to Finch after the book has ended. I think its perfect.

“Im under that night Im under those same stars
Were in a red car You asleep at my side
Going in and out of the headlights
Could I have saved you? Would that’ve betrayed you?
I wanna burn this film You alone with those pills
What you couldnt do I will… I forgive you”

‘Made-Up Lovesong 43’ by Guillemots
Fangirl – to me this is Cath’s anthem. Maybe not early in the book Cath, but the Cath who has her eyes opened to the world outside her comfort zone, being lead by the hand by Levi through the fog of life’s pure shite and into the sunshine of acceptance and frivolity.

“I love you through sparks and shining dragons, I do
And the symmetry in your northern grin
I love you through sparks and shining dragons, I do
I can see myself in the refill litter bin
You got me off the sofa
Just sprang out of the air
The best things come from nowhere
I can’t believe you care”

‘In My Veins’ by Andrew Belle ft Erin McCarley
We Were Liars – this song is what immediately played in my head as I read the end of this book. It talks of regret and loss and being lost in the thoughts of someone who once was a part of you.

“Nothing goes as planned Everything will break
People say goodbye In their own special way
All that you rely on And all that you can fake
Will leave you in the morning But find you in the day
Everything will change Nothing stays the same
Nobody here’s perfect Oh, but everyone’s to blame
Oh, all that you rely on And all that you can save
Will leave you in the morning And find you in the day
Oh, you’re in my veins And I cannot get you out”

‘Supermassive Blackhole’ by Muse
Twilight – so this is a somewhat silly one but as 99% of the vampire loving population know this song was in the movie… the baseball scene remember? When I was at uni me and my flat-mates loved the books and movies and there was an awesome club we used to go to on a Thursday night called the Krazyhouse (in Liverpool UK). On the second floor of the Kray on a Thursday night they played majority punk/pop grungey teen music like Blink 182, Greenday etc and they often played ‘Supermassive Blackhole’. Now imagine 3 incredibly giddy-drunk performing arts students pretending to play vampire baseball everytime this song came on in the club. Oh the lulz.

“Glaciers melting in the dead of night
And the superstars sucked into the supermassive
(Ooh, you set my soul alight)”


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